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Spectre Of Dammerwald  (Volume One of The Wolfcat Chronicles includes two books: Curse Of The Spectre and Warrior Heart)
Ela’na and Rotor are young wolfcats who want to grow up too fast. While playing a game of hunter and hunted with the other wolfcats of their generation, they become lost in the heart of Dammerwald, an ancient forest and meet the spectre who protects the forest’s heart. Their lives are beset with change as responsibilities and obligations come at a heady pace, forcing them to grow up much faster than they were prepared.Spectre Of Dammerwald is the first the three volumes comprising The Wolfcat Chronicles. It contains two books, Curse Of The Spectre and Warrior Heart and serves as the introduction to the fantastic world of Anter’x.This volume also contains a list of all titles in The Wolfcat Chronicles.In addition this special combined volume contains a helpful introduction titled About Anter’x, Ea And Wolfcats. The temporal terminology of the world is explained in the context of measuring the positions of the three suns and three moons of the world. It also includes a brief historical context of the origin of wolfcats, wolves and great cats and their connection to Earth.Wolfcats, wolves and the great cats of Anter’x are intelligent,humanoid creatures with the features of their blended animal heritage. As a result they have developed a cultured civilization in the relative peace of their isolation away from the other conflicts in the world. As the story evolves, the importance of wolfcats in the affairs of the larger world comes into play as they are forced to make difficult choices but never fail to surprise and amaze the other races of Anter’x. (ASIN: B00CG73OBW) $4.99

Shattered Truce  Book One of One Pack (Volume Two of The Wolfcat Chronicles) 

Shattered Truce is the first of a five book series collectively titled One Pack. Set in the fantastic, hellish extremes of the magical world Anter’x, the story begins as an alpha male, Damon, and alpha female, the Wolfcat Ela’na – bearer of the fabled Wolf Stone – have led a pack of more than twenty thousand wolves in search of food far to the south of their home at Mt. Belkul and the great forest of Dammerwald, dangerously near the border with the wolves ancient enemy, the Hovdin Empire.

Dammerwald is no more. The world of the wolf Pack has changed forever. A devastating drought on the plains has led to a catastrophic disaster. As the food supply dwindled, the grasses and brush turned to tinder awaiting a spark. The prey upon which the wolf pack has long depended fled as flames spread south across the plains. The pack migrated to the southern border of their territory. In search of food the hunters set out for the southern plains, a large portion of the Pack following behind their lead. Their migration continues in fruitless search of food until the entire Pack is dangerously close to the northern border of the Hovdin Empire as established generations before by treaty with the Wolfcat Eltath, Magus and Anseil representing the Hovdin. The presence of the wolves threatens the peace brokered between perennial enemies. With one wolf’s apparent violation of the established border, bloody hostilities resume, throwing the leadership of the pack into confusion and conflict.

Through the eyes and actions of characters, One Pack reveals the complexities of a precarious balance between rivals species of an exotic, magical world. Wolves must join forces with former foes in order for both to survive. Only an unexpected collaboration in the defense of the Provincial City of The’xus against the invasion of a common enemy can restore peace between the wolves and the Hovdin. (ASIN: B00CBF6SEE) $2.99


Colonial Authority  Book One of Two of The Attributes 

Over a period of two years, from orbital platforms scientific drone probes were sent to the Pravda’s surface to study the planet’s environment. After extensive testing of soil and water samples the planet is determined to be barren of indigenous life. Research droids discover a series of caverns close to the edge of a mountain range on the planet’s largest continent. Along with possibly breathable air deep within the cavern there are traces of fresh water.

On a dangerous mission to confirm the findings, two human research teams descend from a platform to penetrate a dangerous storm in an effort to confirm the previous results. They find a naturally occurring mineral source of oxygen deep in the system of caves as well as a sub-surface water source. Despite the challenges of removing lethal concentrations of poisonous gases from the atmosphere, Pravda is chosen as the best candidate for transformation into humanity’s new home.

Eighty years later, the process of terraforming nears completion. Humanity faces an unexpected challenge, the unforeseen consequence of leaving the Earth. Fertility rates have declined dramatically. The net growth of Pravda’s population comes from the arrival of new colonists. Scientists determine that within fifty years, the population will no longer be able to replace itself. Evidence of the condition is corroborated in other human colonies and appears to be related to the absence of the complex electromagnetic fields of Earth.

Hope may reside in strange genetic mutations in a small percentage of population. In recent years the mutations, referred to as ‘the attributes’, have appeared concentrated the twin offspring of twelve mothers who died giving birth. Do the attributes offer humanity’s salvation or are they the next step in evolution?
Colonial Authority is the first of two books collectively called The Attributes. It is the story of Cristina Salerno, a young lady who is the lead singer of a rock’n’roll band from New Milan. Her tour manager, Chase, discovers that, like him, she has the attributes. He directs her to a meeting in Star City with a man known only as Raven, an eccentric reclusive member of a clandestine group of Couriers who use the names of birds as their monikers. Raven gives Cristina a small alabaster orb that will assist her in honing and harnessing her natural gifts.

After her meeting, she discovers Alix, the bassist in her band, possesses similar gifts and arranges for him to meet his own Courier. Together Cristina and Alix begin a journey of discovery. They uncover a conspiracy within the pseudo governmental Colonial Authority and a cover-up a horrible truth in the planet’s past history. In the process of preparing the world for terraforming, engineers exterminated an intelligent life form that lived deep in the caverns beneath the surface.

Cristina learns that Paul, her twin brother from whom she was separated at birth, belongs to a secretive group called The Resurrection. Having discovered the truth, Paul and others like him intend to bring back to life one of the exterminated silcon-based life forms. He seeks to enlist the aid of all others of their generation who possess the attributes. The Colonial Authority will do anything to preserve their control and power over the colony on Pravda, even if it means destroying those whose altered genetics offer the best hope for mankind’s survival.

While in route to reunite with Cristina, Paul is charged with murder. Pursued by authorities, Paul receives assistance from others affiliated with The Resurrection. They hide him while he waits for the interest in him diminishes.

Compelled by her realistic dream visions, and news reports that she connects with her brother, Cristina and Alix prepare to go to Star City. Before they can leave, authorities detained and interrogate them. (ASIN: B00CB5PGOW) $3.99

An Extreme Departure  (A continuation of the One Over X series) 

Brent’s a hybrid: half human, half wolfcat and – in his estimation – completely crazy. On a normal day he might be watering the plants in his two-hundred-fifty year-old haunted mansion’s solarium while conversing with the ghost of his dead brother, Barry. He never knew his brother in life, as he died nine years before Brent was born. But lately he’s probably Brent’s the closest and maybe only friend. This is not a normal day, though. Shortly after arriving home, Brent activates the mandorla, the inter-dimensional threshold, in the second floor hallway of his mansion and goes on a ride through the Conduits, across the Continuum to the over side of Creation.

Having just completed a personal mission in southern California, saving the world from the attack of four murderous renegade wolfcats escaped from Anter’x, he arrives at the assembly area. He walks through the incorporeal spirits who await another ride among the sentient on his way to the palatial edifice where the Triumvirate Council is in session.

Before the trio of magistrates he request an escort to Never to ask one question – maybe two – of Kimberly, a past girlfriend from his college years who, like him, is a hybrid.Unlike him she is held – maybe with her consent, maybe not – for her own good but mostly the Society’s. Brent figures after what happened in LA, back on Earth, the Society owes him a favor for, yet again, taking care of things.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, it’s a rainy day in Southern California. Aaron, Syl and Daryl prepare for a flight to Austin. They have been invited to stay as guests of Lee Anders Johnston, a Country music star from the past who’s on the comeback. Not only is Lee independently wealthy but also he’s married to to the richest woman in the world, Caroline Henderson, CEO of Henderson Industries. Aaron, Daryl and Syl have been invited to stay as Lee and Caroline’s guests at their estate on scenic Lake Travis. While the boys prepare to remix Lee’s old band’s newest album, Syl in introduced to Lee’s sister-in-law, Marie Altobello, Andy Hunter’s wife, former super model and current TV actress of a highly rated sit-com.

Back across the Continuum, the Triumvirate Council conditionally approves Brent’s petition, provided he accepts the company of Pam – the spirit of his deceased girlfriend. And then the craziness truly begins.

An Extreme Departure is a continuation of the story of Brent Woods, a highly-trained intelligence operative who resigned in the wake of a failed mission that killed three hundred people. He’s spent time in an insane asylum for making to the mistake of letting someone without the need to know that the world is an illusion and magic is the only thing that’s real.

Brent lives in one of the ten most haunted houses on Earth, ostensibly to have some privacy while he writes. He’s a relatively obscure writer whose books are about his past experiences among the wolfcats in a world called Anter’x – books the uninformed believe are fiction

Brent has an appointment with destiny, but The Society doesn’t want him to arrive in time. He will need the help of his dead girlfriend and Aaron’s wolfcat fiancee to not only save his friends but also himself. (ASIN: B00CGA9E5Y) $3.99

Brent is recklessly immature, adjusting of post high school responsibilities and obligations while clinging to his personal goals: becoming a famous rock musician and being popular with college coeds. His parents have other ambitions for their youngest child.

It’s the fall of 1974, his first semester of college. Among the first people he meets are the orientation counselors of his dorm. Next he meets Keith and Stan who along with Brent complete the ‘terrible trio’, three young men who do not want to grow up. Others consider Brent the most likely of the trio not to graduate from Purdue University. He and his friends become notorious for their partying but not particularly their studies or class attendance.

After recovering from a week-long battle with the creeping crud, Brent is obligated to attend an off-campus Halloween costume party at an acquaintance’s house as the bassist of a pick-up band that was hastily assembled to provide the evening’s entertainment. There he meets Danielle.

For the next fifteen day, Brent struggles to adjust and conform to the demands of a relationship he desperately wants to succeed, but barely understands. In Brent’s world, things are not always what they seem and the unexpected often seems the only constant.

Fifteen Days of Danielle is a coming of age period piece, set in the mid 1970’s in America’s Heartland. It is a nostalgic journey into an age of change and transition, when personal computers were barely imagined, gasoline was still less than fifty cents a gallon and telephones connections were through wires.
Music was sold on viny discs of cassette tapes and attending college was a gift not an expectation.

Campus life in the fall of ’74 is revisited with elements of meticulously accurate historical fact mixed with the fantasy of two teens trying to balance obligations with the feelings they are having for one another in a romance that doesn’t always seem to make sense. Brent takes Danielle home for the weekend to attend her high school’s homecoming dance. The local band performing has recently been receiving airplay from a Chicago Top-40 AM station, a song that becomes Brent and Danielle’s. (ASIN: B00CJCTSH8) $2.99


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