Anything And Everything Is Possible

One of the themes in my soon to be released book, Fried Windows, is that having the childlike, innocent perspective in life produces possibilities. How great would the world be if we lived that way everyday? The fact is that some people do and other people envy them. Most people think that luck is involved when in fact successful people make their own luck every single day. Thinking that others achieved something through luck or, worse, cheating, is the very thing that will keep you from achieving wealth. Let me explain.

Certainly, there are examples of those who get ahead at the expense of others. Do they have true wealth? The answer is no. For you to observe and be petty and jealous is to fall into the trap of miserable companionship that the loser mindset demands. Winners need tot produce losers in order to continue winning. Right? They must dominate others and force them into submission. They have to prevent the masses from acquiring the money they are stealing. If you believe this you are submitting to the very system that will prevent you from ever breaking out of the bonds of poverty. All you do int he process is assist the winners in maintaining their winnings.

Instead of being bound to the negativity in the world, you have an alternative. You never need to go far to find it because you carry it inside you all the time. You truly make your own magic every single day that you live. Believe in it. That’s all you have to do. It sounds overly simple because it needs to be. It is ignored because who in his or her right mind would believe it? We are taught to equate money with wealth and power with domination. That’s what’s wrong. That’s the system that you need to step away from. In order to achieve it you must divorce the negativity from your life, disassociate with the people around you who bring you down to their level of suffering and allow yourself to connect fully to the creative energy each of us has inside.

One of the fundamental of this new mindset is that the world’s corruption is to be avoided. It is an age old system where there are a few big winners and many, many losers. It presumes that money=wealth and that wealth is a limited resource. Nothing could be further from the truth. If it were the case then the possession of money alone would not only make one happy but would also make one wealthy and content. Those who have great wealth are never at a loss for money but they are not enslaved to it or the system of making it. Those who have a great deal of money are not happy with it because they did not acquire wealth through its accumulation. They are afraid of losing their money to others who, like them acquired it in the wrong way, dominating others.

You have to get it out of your mind that those who have true wealth did something evil in order to obtain it. Stop equating the possession of money with the achievement of wealth. Despite how many people there are int eh world to tell you they are the same thing, they are not. Money is an illusion. Granted it is a persistent one, but in the absolute it does not exist. It’s value is whatever the buyer and seller accept it as a medium of exchange. That decides its worth. It is never worth today what it was worth yesterday or what it will be worth tomorrow because it is based on the good faith and credit of institutions that created it. Money is a lie. It is not wealth, nor is it an instrument for acquiring or maintaining wealth. Accumulating it is ludicrous. Investing is how wealth is made. You invest in the ideas and potentials in yourself and others.

Wealth comes from being connected to the underlying truths. It is having good friends and family you can trust for support and advice. It is sharing what you learn with others and helping them become the best they can be. It is, moreover, learning to live as you were intended and becoming everything you have ever dreamed or wanted.

There are not absolute limits on what you can transform with your focus, concentration and will power. If you work hard you will be mentally and emotional drained and physically spent. If you do what you are truly meant to do there is no longer a distinction between work and play. It is all one in the same. You derive energy from the purpose you’ve found and you benefit from assisting others you love to rise above the morass of their difficulties to become all they are meant to be.

It may sound idealistic but really it’s not. This is the way the world is intended to be, folks. It requires nothing but a deep conviction and belief that you have power over your own life. If you prefer to believe that wealth is achieved at the expense of others you are submitting to the very system that will prevent you from ever pulling out of the cycle economic dominance and submission. You will work for peanuts, be miserable and impoverished for your whole life. Even if you have some money it will never be enough. But, if you set goals and firmly believe in possibilities and you remain resolute in your determination there really is nothing you cannot achieve.


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