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03.02.2014 – Interview with Pandamoon Publishing Author, Emily Belden

The new Memoir from Emily Belden: “Eightysixed is brilliant from cover to cover.”


“Eightysixed is like a recipe for life and love and I feel honored to be one of the ingredients.” —Celebrity Chef Floris Versluijs 

Chicagoan Emily Belden has no idea what to do with her twenty-something life — particularly as it pertains to love — which is a tough problem for a hopelessly romantic half-Jew who’s fresh out of a failed relationship.

But if “figuring it all out” and “wanting it all” were Olympic sports, Emily would have been a gold medalist in both categories. Never one to admit defeat in the face of the enemy, Emily gets back in the dating ring again and again.

But, the more she tries to make her therapist proud, the deeper down the rabbit hole she goes.

While recovering the pieces of her broken heart, straight-A Emily’s dating world morphs into a mad soirée of drug addicts, embezzlers, perverts, and pimps.

Just as she begins to believe that a bottle of wine might be her only shot at happiness, a chance encounter with a man she never should have met resets Emily’s buttons.

What she experiences next satiates her heart, her soul, and her stomach, as she frees herself from the perils of her mid-twenties and becomes exactly who she is supposed to be.


5.0 out of 5 stars A treat for the eyes, mind, and soul., February 10, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Eightysixed: Life Lessons Learned (Kindle Edition)
I love the way “Eightysixed” goes from a sassy, spirited take on the struggles of our twenties to a soulful journey to finding oneself – and one’s soulmate. Incredible work, Emily. I’m so proud of you.
5.0 out of 5 stars I couldn’t put it down!, February 11, 2014
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
Eightysixed is a super fun ride – well written, witty, and engaging. The author is skilled at taking her readers on a journey and you definitely are engaged to find out what happens next! I can’t wait to see what she publishes next!
Christine: In your novel, you experience heartbreak. If you could give one piece of advice to all the people out there who suffer from this painful experience, what would you say?
Emily: This, too, shall pass. I didn’t coin it, but I tested the theory and I also think I perfected it. Bottom line, it works. Give it some time, some space, and some wine.
Christine: What are your goals for the 2014 year?
Emily: I would like for every 20 or 30-something girl in the world to have read Eightysixed. No, really. I think it does something for the soul. Like it hits a much-needed reset button for all of us. Other than that, I want to train my puppy to not be such a punk and I walk 10,000 steps per day. Not a tall order, huh?
Christine: One morning you wake up to find a zombie apocalypse has begun.
Christine –  What would your weapon of choice be?
Emily – A pot of boiling water.
Christine – What would your plan to survive consist of?
Emily – Muddy Buddies and my pit bull, Mr. Jarbles.
Christine –  Where would you go?
Emily – Tampa, Florida. I have no reason for that.
Christine: You’re getting married!! Tell us what you’re most excited about and what your looking forward to in the future.
Emily: I am most excited about the dessert bar that we are having lieu of a wedding cake. And I am looking forward to binge eating after it’s all done. Having to fit into a wedding dress is like a dark cloud over your every waking moment. No fun. I’m also looking forward to picking a honeymoon destination and getting out of town for a while! Bali, British Virgin Islands, and Vietnam are all contenders as of now.
Christine: You live in the big, awesome city of Chicago. Tell us the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while living there.
Emily: I’ve seen a crazy old woman assault a one-legged man on a city bus in broad daylight. The bus driver had to call the police. None of the passengers could get off until we gave witness reports. I was just trying to go to Michael’s Craft Store…yeesh.
and lastly…
Christine: If your book were to turn into a tv series or movie, who would you want casted to play the characters?
Emily: Emmy Rossum as Emily Belden Adam Levine (with a shaved head) as Ryan Lange Need I say more?
Emily’s novel, Eightysixed hit Best Seller status on Amazon within less than 12 hours!  Most certainly something to be very proud of!!  She’s also tiled a floor in 59,670 pennies!! ( )
Emily’s Social Media Pages
Emily, you’re one cool chick!!  Thank you for such a fabulous interview!

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