IT Guy and Author Jeff Messick Announces Release Date of Police Procedural Drama Knights of The Shield – by Elgon Williams

Recently I caught up with Jeff Messick, an author with Pandamoon Publishing whose debut novel, Knights Of The Shield, a Police Procedural drama will be out on January 30, 2015. Jeff is from San Antonio and works in information technology – for now, anyway.


Q: Let’s talk about when you were a kid. In school were you a troublemaker, an instigator or the teacher’s pet? Explain.

A: I was actually all of those.  Teachers loved me because I asked questions.  Instigators liked me because I could play their game and I would rarely get fingered for it. Troublemakers loved me because they thought I was one of them, even though I rarely spent time in detention with them.  I used my powers for good.

Q: Many writers say that being creative becomes an integral part of their daily lives and part of their routine. How do you balance your responsibilities to others around your need to create?

A: I’d love writing to be the integral part of my life, but unfortunately, life is rarely accepting of planning.  I struggle to find time to write and then usually struggle to get something down on paper/computer screen.

Q: Every writer has that one story that clicked, inspiring him or her to pursue writing as a career. What was the story and what was there about it that made it influential?

A: Lord of the Rings.  I learned to play Dungeons and Dragons around the same time so there was a sudden influx of fantasy in my life.  I also realized that I could tell a story and that seed kinda sat there for a while until it grew into a flowering ITCH plant.  Had to scratch that itch.  LoTR showed me good storytelling, but more than that, I began to pick it apart in my head and thinking of ways to improve.

Q: Where do you see yourself at this moment in your life had you never decided to write a book?

A: Bored silly probably.  Not too much change, other than I’d be playing a LOT more video games.

Q: Family and relationships are important in peoples’ lives and so, it is little surprise that there are relationships between characters in books. How closely do the interactions in your books mirror your real life?

A: Not very closely at all.  When I’m writing, it’s from my characters’ perceptions and I’m living through them vicariously, so maybe they live the life that I see as ideal for their current situation.  Most of my characters value family and friends, as do I.

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