The Reset Button

Have you ever wished for a reset button that you could push to take you back to where you deviated from the path you thought was right – the way you felt was leading you in the perfect direction? Its the premise of several stories and it’s probably overdone, but the reason here are so many versions not he theme is because it’s something most of us think about from time to time.

Taking inventory of the good things and the bad things in my life has been something I do periodically. I think I started it when I was a kid and some Sunday school teacher told the class to count our blessings. I had a blessed childhood compared to most. I grew up on a farm with my sisters. My parents were good, hard working decent people who stressed right from wrong in our upbringing. They believed education was important because it was something they were not afforded when they were young. They came of age during the Great Depression. So, they lived in fear of being that poor again. And the last thing they wanted to be when they grew old was dependent on their children for support. They saved and saved so they could give my sisters and me a life better than they had and to them that all began with an education.

So, I went to college, learned all sorts of things that someone somewhere decided were important. And when I got out of college the economy sucked thanks to a clueless government and its inept polices. Sound familiar to anyone? I joined the military and ended up half way around the world.

Maybe all of that was a mistake. Maybe I should have stayed not he farm and listened to my old man – like Elton John sang in Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. But I didn’t do that. I wanted to see the world. It was a compelling need, actually. Growing up in a bubble, I had no idea what the rest of the world was about. Did finding out benefit me? I suppose that remains to be seen.

I guess everyone wakes up one day and the question is there in front of you. As you consider all the misery you’ve caused for others… and yourself, if it were possible to press a rest button on your life, would you do it? Knowing that everything after that would be different and possibly as bad if not worse than what you experienced, would you take that risk? Would you take the red pill or the blue one? Or would you start to appreciate the good things you have despite everything bad that has happened in your life?

Could you really give up what you have and where you are in life now for the chance that there might have been something better had you only taken a different path? There isn’t a right answer, but it is something we all think about.


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