What? It’s St. Patrick’s Day Again?

There’s something wrong about having St. Patrick’s Day on a Monday, unless it is a Monday holiday where everything is closed, of course. But I don’t see that happening anytime soon – not with our Congress. So I guess a lot of people will call out today to celebrate, march in parades and such – and probably call off tomorrow to recover or just work through the hangover.

Yesterday was an anniversary for me – a milestone actually. It was the last the two year anniversary of writing the initial part of Fried Windows (In A Light White Sauce). The book is coming out on May 30, 2014. I guess that is a shot turn around int he publishing world – or at least it is for me. I usually teak and rewrite and over write and revise and edit and… well, you get the picture. But that is how it goes sometimes. Fried Windows also has a special place in my heart just because it was the first story I wrote from start to finish completely sober. Yeah, that’s a fact. I quite drinking a few days before I wrote it. Goes to prove I didn’t need the drink to write.

I’m not sure whether I an an alcoholic or just well on my way, but I know I drank a lot of beer, a lot more than any rational person should. It affected my relationships and my priorities. It lead in some small way to why I dropped off the grid for a while. I didn’t go to AA to get help. Maybe I should’ve. Perhaps it would have been an easier road to recovering. But I found another way I guess. Busted and broke, I chose to drink water instead of beer and spent what little money I had left to buy food. And in the midst of all that I wrote a fantasy story that is the breakthrough novel for me in a lot of ways.

For the record it was rejected a few times in its many forms. The first two chapters were a short story I submitted to many fantasy and literary magazines. So if the book is as successful as I know it will be, there will be that story to tell of all the times it was trend down. I don’t feel wronged. That’s part of the publishing business until you have an author’s brand going for you. Then whatever you write gets into print regardless. It’s like Gucci could have a brain-fart and design something hideous, but it will sell. If you don’t believe that’s the way it is, pay attention. A lot of people are destroyed by success and a lot of successful creative people proffer utter crap after they have fame and celebrity – not all but a lot.

What about the others, the ones who, despite success, continue to write well and produce works of literature? They have integrity. The fame and success doesn’t affect them because it was never about the fame or success for them. It was always about the art.

It’s about the art for me too. May it always be that way. And if my books are successful, may I never forget how hard it is to get published so that I don’t forget to read the work of struggling writers to help the ones who have suffered enough and are ready to share what they have learned about the world – with or without alcohol or other abused substances.



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