Cailin by Rosalind Scarlett Is Atypical of the Genre

The One And Only Elgon

Back in the day, a left-handed misfit is something no mother wants in a child least of all a father. Perhaps left-handedness is more accepted these days. A lot of creative people are left-handed, maybe because they are in their `right’ mind. A great many right-handers started off to be left-handed but were forced into using their right hands since being left-hand was different and considered the mark of the devil. This past mindset is central to the understanding of the background and setting for Cailin by Rosalind Scarlett.

Born in 18th Century Ireland, the left-handed and misfit main character, Aislinn, starts life on the wrong foot. Her father doesn’t like her and things get worse from there. Even when she falls in love with Donovan, their life together is doomed. A vampire takes her away and her journey as an immortal begins. More than a period piece about vampires…

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