Lacuna Coil’s Latest Broken Crown Halo

The One And Only Elgon


I’m a fan. I can’t help it. Lacuna Coil is a great band, tight musically and in concert they are entertaining visually as well. I love Cristina Scabbia’s vocals. Also, it is quite an accomplishment for an Italian band hailing from Milan to make with English lyrics. Both Cristina and her male counterpart, Andrea Ferro, speak English so they sing with distinction not found in phonetic approximation of words.


I discovered LC in early 2006. Karmacode was charting at the time and the song Our Truth was getting some local airplay in anticipation of the band’s appearance at the annual Earthday Birthday festival in Orlando. I took the kids to the concert and we spent the day. The opened with Closer, played Fragile as well as Our Truth and included Enjoy the Silence, which I believe is the best cover of the Depeche Mode song.


Lacuna Coil was, for me…

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