Author Interview with Emily Belden (Lange)

A great interview from Jason Beem with Emily Belden.

Jason Beem

Author Emily Belden Author Emily Belden

I remember hearing buzz about author Emily Belden’s debut memoir “Eightysixed” and had the thought “why do I care about a memoir of someone I’ve never heard of?”  Well the answer after reading it was I did care.  Eightysixed is funny, sharp, witty and full of things we all go through.  I was fortunate to catch up with Emily to ask her about her book!

You can buy her book Eightysixed by CLICKING HERE

1. Your book Eightysixed has been out for a couple of months, how has it been so far talking with readers who have had such an inside look into your life?

EB–It’s pretty incredible and weird. I have visited a number of book clubs and when I open the floor for Q&A, I’m reminded just how much I put myself out there. People want more details on the juicy stories…and I don’t blame…

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