Everything Backwards In Life

The One And Only Elgon

Family Pics-3

Probably, it started out with being grumpy. Everything seems to go back to that. I ws a grumpy young man. And so, since that didn’t make a lot of sense to everyone else, they overlooked that I was young, saw that I was grumpy and assumed I was older than my age.

My horse PatsyLambs

Always, I got along with older people. I guess some of that had to do with being around them to the exclusion of anyone else. There were a lot of kids my age around where I grew up. In fact there weren’t a lot of people around where I lived. There were lots of animals, though, I got used to being with animals – not just dogs and cats but also cattle, sheep, pigs and a horse named Patsy. Farm kids tend to understand animals from an early age.

In education I received my Associates Degree after I…

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