A Father’s Day Treat – The Redemption CH 1 from Candy Apple Red

The One And Only Elgon


Although this story is fiction, it is based on the kind of relationship I had with my father, Bruce Williams, and why, since he passed about in the spring of 2000, I miss him as much as I do. The pictures I have included ware the actual First State Bank building in South Charleston – though it has long since been bought out by a larger bank – and the house I lived in back in the ’60’s.

The Redemption – Chapter One of Candy Apple Red

Elliot looked at the time on the wall clock. The use of the letters I, V and X was an effort to be fancy, he guessed. From what his sister Jean said about them when he asked her about it he wasn’t far from the truth.

Continuing to watch the clock’s pendulum swinging hypnotically back and forth, measuring each passing second, he shifted…

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