The Questions People Ask…

The One And Only Elgon

My favorite author has changed over time. So whenever someone asks me that inevitable question – as if an author can only have one favorite – it may actually be whomever I am reading at the moment. However, knowing that won’t work for the sake of an interview or even a general query from a reader, here is what I usually say.


Kurt Vonnegut Jr was my favorite author through high school and college, though as my interests broadened I became interested in Douglas Adams for some of the same reasons I liked Vonnegut’s novels, but I also tended toward more intense themes and complex plots from writers like Samuel R. Delany, Ursula K Leguin, Frank Herbert and Robert Heinlein.

DelanyKCUrsula K. Le Guin

frankherbertRobert A. Henlein

There are dozens of authors whose work I have followed over the years and many new writers I’m watching. Hopefully someone is observing my development as well.

Another question is:…

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