Throwback Thursday – Vinyl Records And Beyond

The One And Only Elgon


Anyone who grew up in the fifties, sixties or seventies probably had a collection of vinyl records, whether 45’s (45 RPM singles) or LP’s (Long Playing 33 1/3 RPM albums). You may not know the history behind their development or the evolution of high fidelity (hi-fi) recording techniques. And you may not be aware of the real reason those 45 RPM records had large holes for the center spindle. But You listened to music recorded on them.


In the 1930’s recordings were made using vibrating needles to etch shellac discs. Playback was accomplished by spinning the disc at the same 78 RPM at which it was recorded and playing it back with another needed tracing the same analog pattern to reproduce as much of the original sound as had been captured. By today’s standards – and even the standards of 40 years ago – the resulting recording were fairly low…

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