Why I Served

The One And Only Elgon

AF picture 1983

Like a lot of people I volunteered of military service for economic reasons. After finishing college in the late 70’s the economy sucked. I continued my education for a couple of years hoping things would improve in the job market. It didn’t. I wanted to work in my chosen career field which as marketing. I found a part time job in advertising ( a really small firm) close to where my folks lived and otherwise I stocked shelves in a grocery store to make a little money. There wasn’t much of a future for either endeavor. At least i didn’t see it. After a wild hair moment, I went to see an Air Force recruiter. Why that branch? My older sister was an officer.  She eventually retired as a Colonel.

I thought I could get in as an officer. Trouble was they weren’t accepting marketing people. In other words my…

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