Revising The Wolfcat Chronicles

The One And Only Elgon

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Revising any writing is a challenge. You recall the story as it played out in your head while composing it and, somehow, it’s never quite the same experience when you read it months of even years later. And then there is the book that grew into a series of books that has been reworked and re-written several times over the course of the past nearly decade and a half.

The part of the series I’m working on is the first bit of the story I composed in the summer of 2000. The essence is still in tact, just bits of this and that were added in over the intervening years to enhance the story and make it connect with the larger story. You see, the first draft of this was about the characters wolfcats Ela’na, Rotor and a human named Tomas. 

As the story grew there were many characters added…

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