Penthouse Pet Terri Lenee Peake On Memoir Dying To Be A Centerfold – by Elgon Williams

The Wolfcat Chronicles

Terri Peake

In the October 1987 edition of Penthouse Magazine Terri Lenee Peake appeared as the centerfold, culminating her lifelong dream of fame, elevating her star into the stratosphere in a world few of us know anything about. Her memoir, Dying To Be A Centerfold is a frank account of what her life was like from growing up an abused child to becoming the fiancée of a gangster. It is a compelling read told in her own words not as a commentary on the objectification of women but as a warning of all the pitfalls on the way to success in adult entertainment.

Currently, Terri lives in Hawaii where she is still recovering from the effects of her former life that robbed her of her health. After reading her book I decided I wanted to interview her and contacted her. She graciously consented to answering a few questions.

Terri Peake Promo

Q. It’s not an…

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