A Short One Today

The One And Only Elgon

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As most of you know from following this blog, I’m doing revisions on The Wolfcat Chronicles. I’m about 70 pages from the end of Book 4 in the series. I’ll probably finish the revision in the next day or two. I’m on goal to reach the end of Book 5 by month’s end.

By the end of January I should reach the end of Book 7. Books 3 through 7 are collectively called One Pack. That will put me squarely in the last three books of the series. Those are collectively called The Last Wolfcat. Since those last three books have not been revised for several years I expect they will need the most work. Also I plan to rewrite the ending since a couple of those who read the draft gave me some ideas. There have also been some suggestions for adding chapters into the storyline and perhaps another…

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