Throwback Thursday – The Crooked Vultures

The One And Only Elgon

Album Cover

This week we’re taking a little departure from the usual 70’s Music Fare. Old fart that I am, I don’t keep track of new music as probably I should. Current bands and musicians I know about often were favorites of my kids, like Green Day. A few others like Lindsey Stirling I happened to discover on my own. All that without listening to radio or watching TV. Imagine that!

Of course, I know about Dave Grohl, a multi-instrumentalist from The Foo Fighters, who also played in Nirvana. Also I know Queens of the Stone Age’s Joshua Homme who also played with Kyuss. And who hasn’t heard of the legendary bassist from Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones? I suppose the latter can be my tie in to the 70’s for this weeks Throwback Thursday’s look at 2009’s debut album for a super group called Them Crooked Vultures. Note, Alain Johannes (Queens…

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