The Wolfcat Chronicles Book 4 Revision Completed

The One And Only Elgon


Earlier this morning I completed the revision to Book Four of The Wolfcat Chronicles. Titled A Necessary Evil it continues the One Pack storyline begun in Book Three Shattered Truce. As part of the One Pack project I began with the original draft written between May and July in 2000, the story follows the wolfcats Ela’na and Rotor while introducing a number of new characters and updating the lives of other supporting characters from the first two books of the series The Spectre’s Warning and With Warrior Hearts. I submitted the manuscript to my publisher this morning. There are now four wolfcat books in consideration and I continue with revisions on the remaining six books of the series.

Book Four had some minor revisions challenges with the flow of the story. Several of the chapters were longer than what I now consider normal (2000 to 2500 words). Where possible I…

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