News I Can’t Tell You About, Just Yet

The One And Only Elgon


There are a lot of things going on right now beside the obvious Christmas things. Foremost, my schedule at work has cooperated with my plans to spend the holiday with family in Palm Harbor. I haven’t seen them for several months, so it will be good. My nephew is coming to pick me up sometime Wednesday evening, after I get off from work.

My son is spending the day with his mother. My daughters are spending their holiday with their friends. That’s what happens when a family matures and we all go off in the different directions that our lives lead. You plan for maybe a get together for the next year and see if the events of the intervening year allow for that to happen. Lately the plans haven’t always panned out. For that I’m responsible, I suppose. I’m the one who doesn’t have a car and whose income…

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