Post Christmas Stuff

The One And Only Elgon

Santa2 002

There used to be a saying that I don’t hear anymore: “I’m going to knock the stuffing out of you.” It would have been easily accomplished after Thursday’s dinner at my sister Joyce’s house. She outdid herself again and I overate, as usual.

Santa 005

Since my kids grew up and moved away  – and my wife and I divorced – Christmas has been a lot different for me. I’m that uncle, brother, cousin or friend (sort of). You know,  others feel sorry for on a holiday and invite over for a meal. But since my kids grew up there hasn’t really been much drive in me to celebrate the holiday. Some of that has to do with working in retail for so long that whatever Christmas spirit was in me has not since been wrung out – or would that be rung out, as in Silver Bells. You see – nothing…

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