Excerpt From The Wolfcat Chronicles – Book One Chapter One

The One And Only Elgon


The following is an excerpt from Chapter One of Book One of The Wolfcat Chronicles manuscript. As it is not yet published and has yet to go through the editing processes, it is not a finished version of the story and may be subject to change. It is offered here as an example of what the story is about and an introduction to the fantasy world I began to create in May of 2000. The Wolfcat Chronicles is a ten book series in three master volumes and in total is over 3000 pages.

Scanned Image 2-1

1. Ela’na and Rotor

Ela’na woke at the dawning of the first sun glad that, for now, her formal education was finished. She could continue to enjoy her holiday along with her friends before official training began at the beginning of the next season in anticipation of their becoming adults.

Already the first rays of the new c’eun…

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