Building a Better World – Or At Least A Different One

The One And Only Elgon

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People try to rationalize the world around them and frustration comes from the persistent irrationality other people introduce into the mix. We all do it, make mistakes, mess things up for others. The result is that we make others unhappy at least as often as we make them happy. That can’t be the way things are supposed to work. There has to be some other way to redesign things for them o work. Yeah, I’m idealistic like that.

A long time ago it occurred to me that part of the reason for being here, being alive, is to make things easier for others. Contrary to popular belief – at least what most people appear to believe in the ME generation, life is not about self, but instead it is all about others. It appears to be otherwise because that’s what we want to believe, being focused internally. After all, in…

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