Saving Daylight For What?

The One And Only Elgon


Okay, it’s over and done – and overdone. All the whining and complaining about Spring Ahead. It’s little consolation when you’ve lost an hour’s sleep that you will get it back come fall. You feel out of synch with nature because you sleep cycle has been interrupted and now you need to adjust your morning routine. We are creatures of habit and whenever something changes we don’t like it very much.

I recall my mother complaining about Daylight Savings Time when I was a kid. Despite the origin of the idea ages ago – I think Ben Franklin suggested it so the concept has been around for a while – for whatever reason when I was born there was no such thing as Eastern Daylight Savings Time in the State of Ohio. I guess the initiated that around the time I reached fourth or fifth grade. Anyway, Mom blamed businessmen…

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